Jun 072012
 June 7, 2012

War Is NOT Good For Children

June 8 is the anniversary of the iconic photograph depicting the barbarity of war –and how it affects mostly civilians. June 8, 1972 Vietnamese photographer Nick Ut captured the little girl running from Napalm with her siblings. One lost an eye, another was killed. But Kim Phuc survived, thanks to Ut’s perseverance, and they are now close friends. A good description of the Napalm and phosphorous bombing is at digitaljournalist.org, along with a biography of Ut.

Kim Phuc and others run from napalm

“As soon as she saw me, she said: “I want some water, I’m too hot, too hot,” – in Vietnamese, “Nong qua, nong qua!” And she wanted something to drink. I got her some water. She drank it and I told her I would help her. I picked up Kim and took her to my car. I ran up about 10 miles to Cu Chi hospital, to try to save her life. At the hospital, there were so many Vietnamese people – soldiers were dying there. They didn’t care about the children. Then I told them: “I am a media reporter, please help her, I don’t want her to die.” And the people helped her right away.” -Nick Út




Large photos of the war 40 years later can be seen at boston.com.


Napalm attack Trang Bang